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How is the tree stump removed?

Rhino Grinding have specialised machines that will grind your stump 30cm or more, below ground level. Once the stump has been 'Ground Out', all you will be left with is a pile of woodchip mulch.


What happens to the tree roots?

Accessible, exposed surface roots can be ground out. However, there may be an additional cost for this, unless we were made aware of this on the 'Online Quote' form and it is included in the quoted price.


What access is required?

Our standard machine requires an opening of 32 inches to enter. If the gate is smaller, we will ensure that we bring our narrow access machine measuring only 25 inches wide. This machine will fit through most doors/gates and can even go through the house if the necessary.  We normally have no issues gaining access to tree stumps.  We have frequently remove fence panels, ramped up or down walls & steps or carried our machine through houses!


What happens to the grinding waste (woodchip mulch) after the stump is removed?

Unless requested at the time of the quote, the waste will be raked back into a pile and left onsite (where the stump was). You can use this for mulching garden beds or for compost.  Please note that if we are removing the waste,  we can't leave a hole and can only remove the excess waste to leave the area flat (for Health & Safety reasons).  


How much grinding waste will I have?

This is dependent on the type and size of tree that existed before and how low the stump had been cut to the ground. The amount can range from a bucket load to a truck load. Typically the pile turns out to be as high as the stump was wide.  


Why don’t you include removing the grinding waste in your initial price?

It is industry standard to leave the grinding waste on site as we try to give our customers the best possible price by performing stump grinding and not dealing with the aspects of waste disposal and its associated costs.  However, we understand that some customers want it removed, so we do offer this as part of our quote service.  Pricing typically ranges from £25 to £150.


Do I have to be home when you grind out my stump?

No, most of our customers are not present when we grind stumps out on their property.  We only require access to the stumps, nothing else.  Once the job is complete, an invoice will either be left for you or emailed to you.  

FAQ's about the stump grinding process