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What is a Stump Grinding machine?

The Stump Grinder is a specialist machine, which is designed to cut up the tree stump into small pieces of wood (chips). It does this by a carefully designed series of tungsten tipped teeth which are fitted to a fast spinning, metal wheel.  The wheel can be driven either by belts, hydraulically or via a PTO (Power Take-Off).  


The smaller stump grinders tend to be manovered by the operator, while the bigger machines are self-propelled and the cutting head 'slews' from side to side, using hydraulic power. This makes the bigger machines alot easier to use and alot more efficent at grinding out tree stumps.


Generally, the bigger the machine (measured by the engine size), the bigger the cutter wheel, the quicker the tree stump is removed.....BUT the more expensive replacement teeth are!


Stump Grinder


At Rhino Grinding, we have a selection of different sized machines. The enables us to be able to use the right machine for the job....everytime.  Contact us for more information on tree stump removal and our prices. Alternatively complete our Online Quote form, to get a fast quote for removing that tree stump.